About me

I am an engineer working on innovative projects in the aerospace sector. Innovative materials, new technologies, several future scenarios all those aspects influenced my creative process. That's why my artworks are a fusion between art and engineering.

My background studies, focused on computer aided manufacturing and prototyping, together with the experience in the aerospace industry, have deeply influenced my style and my continuous search for complex shapes.

Everyday I see new aerospace projects striving to defeat natural forces like gravity. Same invisible forces generate in my art a play of light and shadow attracting and rejecting simple solids like pyramids. The finals result is an overall deformation of the geometries.

The creative phase of “designing” a new artwork it’s like a real engineering project led with a creative approach aiming at a harmonious overall movement.

The architectural concept of "less is more" is what inspires my lowpoly sculptures. The lack of details and geometrically marked shapes give the sculptures a significant aesthetic value.

I started folding paper in 2015 when I realized the need for something creative. My creative process changes depending on whether I have to make lowpoly sculpture or wall art. In the first case I try to imagine everyday objects in a lowpoly version. In this way, I can evaluate how much an object can become a lowpoly artwork. My creativity breaks free in the virtual space of a 3D modeling software. It is like creating a live sculpture in which you start by roughing the part up to finish it down to the right mesh detail.

Let's do something great